Film, Truth, and the Pursuit of Peace

Author: | Date: April 2016

Film has power as a pathway to peace. In a certain kind of filmmaking, the ends and the means are inseparable; the way that a film is made is reflected […]

Stories That Inspire: Asian Peace Activists Share their Hopes, Reflections, and Insights on Peacebuilding

Author: | Date: November 2015

“Stories impacted me a lot. They nurtured my imagination, my dreams, and my vision. So, I believe listening to stories and telling stories is a great tool for peacebuilding,” declared […]

Why are Some Mediations Successful and Others Not?

Author: | Date: June 2015

Mediation aims to bring a lasting resolution to a conflict between two or more parties; it is akin to negotiation, but with the addition of a neutral, 3rd party mediator […]

Conservation for Peace: Perspectives of Environmental Peacebuilders in Liberia and Timor-Leste

Author: , | Date: May 2015

Environmental peacebuilding is an emerging field of practice that responds to the needs of the many remote, biodiverse communities around the world that struggle to prevent or mitigate conflicts over […]

Reinventing How We Live Together

Author: , | Date: March 2015

Critics of peacebuilding find the concept problematic. To some, peace is a deeply conservative notion: it can mean compromise; it can mean ‘keep quiet and don’t rock the boat.’ We […]

Natural Resource Management as a Key to Peace in the Central African Republic

Author: | Date: February 2015

Beginning in late 2012, a rehabilitated coalition of ex-rebel militia fighters, known as Séléka, reignited conflict in the Central African Republic (CAR) over what it believed was the central government’s […]

Maheswara Thrives in Building Peace from Below

Author: | Date: March 2014

Born to a farming family in a village in the Sankhuwasabha district of Nepal, Maheswara Shrestha Bajracharya spent her childhood herding cattle, ploughing, caring for siblings, and cooking for her […]

Letting the Other In: Conflict Prevention in Myanmar

Author: | Date: September 2013

Kyoko Okumoto, a well-respected Japanese peacebuilder, once said to me, “I firmly believe that to be an effective peacebuilder you need to be able to trust.” By trust she did […]

Early Warning, Early Response: Lessons from Sri Lanka

Author: | Date: September 2013

Most community-based violence can be prevented if the right information is delivered to the right stakeholders, at the right time, in the right format, enabling the stakeholders to take the […]