Women Peacebuilders Reflect, Connect, and Act

Author: | Date: March 2014

Why is the inclusion of women in decision-making around peace and security issues so important? Here are the cold, hard facts: • The single best predictor of a state’s level […]

2013: A Year of New Beginnings

Author: | Date: January 2014

At the end of each year, we tend to reflect on what the last year held for us. Perhaps we started a new job, made a few new discoveries, or […]

Overcoming Obstacles to Peace

Author: | Date: September 2013

In a new RAND Corporation study of nation-building—Overcoming Obstacles to Peace: Local Factors in Nation-Building—we analyze the impediments that local conditions pose to interventions aimed at stabilizing conflict-affected areas. Previous […]

Talking to Each Other: Developing Effective Education and Training Programs for Conflict Prevention, Stabilization, and Resolution

Author: | Date: April 2013

The beginning of a new term for President Barack Obama marks a chance to assess the development of an integrated U.S. approach to conflict prevention and resolution. The mission remains […]