Continuing Dialogue through Documentaries in Georgia

Author: | Date: June 2016

The lens of a documentary filmmaker has the potential to capture personal stories first-hand—something that frequently falls outside of the spotlight of mainstream media. Stories of ordinary persons, their fears, […]

Short Stories: Community Murals in the U.S.

Author: | Date: April 2016

When it comes to peace, walls are rarely the solution. Walls separate people and prevent dialogue. They build suspicion and unease. The examples are everywhere including Northern Ireland, the West […]

Show and Tell: The Narratives Driving ISIS Youth Recruitment

Author: | Date: February 2016

In October 2015, the Islamic State (subsequently referred to in this article as Daesh*) published a very different kind of propaganda statement. Released online through its media wing, the statement […]

Digital Games for Peace

Author: | Date: March 2015

As peacebuilders continue to explore new ways to manage and reduce conflict, digital games and apps present promising avenues for innovation. Digital games and apps are websites or web applications […]

Playing Fair: Using Sports to Avoid Conflict in Nigeria

Author: | Date: September 2013

In May 2004, I survived a violent riot in Kano, a city in northern Nigeria. Young men swarmed through the streets of my neighborhood, burning and destroying randomly in retaliation […]