Melanie Greenberg

A Letter from the President and Editor-in-Chief

Author: , | Date: January 2016

Dear Reader, Welcome to Building Peace, a new publication that highlights the myriad of ways in which peacebuilding can heal war-torn societies and prevent deadly violence in the world’s most […]

Women, War, and Peace: An Interview with Abigail Disney

Author: , | Date: March 2014

In October 2013, Alliance for Peacebuilding president Melanie Greenberg and Building Peace editor- in-chief Jessica Berns spoke with Abigail Disney, philanthropist and filmmaker, about the role women play in contributing to social […]

The World As It Is and the World As It Should Be: Interview with United Nations Deputy Secretary-General

Author: | Date: September 2013

Alliance for Peacebuilding president and chief executive officer Melanie Greenberg interviewed Mr. Eliasson in June 2013 at the UN headquarters in New York about his experiences with conflict prevention over […]