Rule of Law & Justice

Criminalized Power Structures

Author: | Date: September 2016

Two recent volumes by Michael Dziedzic are a welcome addition to our series of books on Peace and Security in the Twenty-First Century, because what he and his colleagues call criminalized power structures are little studied but invariably a key obstacle to the success of any peace process undertaken during or after a civil war or other period of intense political violence.

Film, Truth, and the Pursuit of Peace

Author: | Date: April 2016

Film has power as a pathway to peace. In a certain kind of filmmaking, the ends and the means are inseparable; the way that a film is made is reflected […]

Crime and Conflict: The New Challenge for Peacebuilding

Author: | Date: September 2014

Organized crime, long considered a law and order problem, is now becoming part of development policy and other agendas. This shift reflects growing recognition that armed violence and associated fragility […]