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Continuing Dialogue through Documentaries in Georgia

Author: | Date: June 2016

The lens of a documentary filmmaker has the potential to capture personal stories first-hand—something that frequently falls outside of the spotlight of mainstream media. Stories of ordinary persons, their fears, […]

Why I Hope

Author: | Date: May 2016

Building Peace magazine and the Latest Insights blog are vehicles for collecting, documenting, sharing, and archiving experiences with, and knowledge about, peace and war. They are a space for storytelling. […]

Selling Peace: Story by Story

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Author: | Date: April 2016

Before dawn on Friday, December 17, 2011, Mohammed Bouazizi pulled his cart to the Tunisian marketplace where he sold his goods. Local officials there harassed him and confiscated his wares […]

The Power of Storytelling through Film: From Liberia to the World

Author: | Date: April 2016

Let me tell you a story. It begins in Liberia in 2003, when a civil war between rebel groups and President Charles Taylor’s government served as a constant source of […]

The Curious Case of the Cricket: Storytelling and Conflict Transformation in Ghana

Jasmine R. Linabary is a doctoral candidate in the Brian Lamb School of Communication at Purdue University and a research assistant with the Purdue Peace Project. Arunima Krishna is a […]

Show and Tell: The Narratives Driving ISIS Youth Recruitment

Author: | Date: February 2016

In October 2015, the Islamic State (subsequently referred to in this article as Daesh*) published a very different kind of propaganda statement. Released online through its media wing, the statement […]

Joining the Storytelling Revolution: Interview with International Storytelling Center President Kiran Singh Sirah

Author: | Date: December 2015

Last month, BP’s Editor-in-Chief, Jessica Berns talked to Kiran about what storytelling means in today’s world and its potential to unite communities. Jessica: What is storytelling? Kiran: Storytelling is the […]

Stories That Inspire: Asian Peace Activists Share their Hopes, Reflections, and Insights on Peacebuilding

Author: | Date: November 2015

“Stories impacted me a lot. They nurtured my imagination, my dreams, and my vision. So, I believe listening to stories and telling stories is a great tool for peacebuilding,” declared […]

How Syrians Stay Hopeful in the Face of Civil War

Author: | Date: September 2015

Published in Global Post International media coverage of the war in Syria is full of shocking facts, and reminders of the horrific acts committed by the Islamic State and the Syrian […]

Going Mobile: A Review of Peace in Our Pockets

Author: | Date: August 2015

“Peace in Our Pockets,” a documentary directed by Kenny Dalsheimer and produced by The Groove Productions, runs 55 minutes. The film screens at the Global Peace Film Festival October 2015. Additionally, to celebrate the UN’s International […]