Date: March 2015

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Reinventing How We Live Together

Author: , | Date: March 2015

Critics of peacebuilding find the concept problematic. To some, peace is a deeply conservative notion: it can mean compromise; it can mean ‘keep quiet and don’t rock the boat.’ We […]

Peacebuilders in the Sky?

Author: | Date: March 2015

The number of studies that examine the role of information and communication technologies (ICTs) in peacebuilding are few and far between. There are even fewer academic studies that explore the […]

Una Hakika: Preventing Rumors and Violence in Kenya’s Tana Delta

Author: | Date: February 2015

When citizens of a remote and violence-prone part of Kenya hear that a neighbouring ethnic group is planning a massacre, their first response is to believe it. This is especially true […]

Natural Resource Management as a Key to Peace in the Central African Republic

Author: | Date: February 2015

Beginning in late 2012, a rehabilitated coalition of ex-rebel militia fighters, known as Séléka, reignited conflict in the Central African Republic (CAR) over what it believed was the central government’s […]

The Answer to Ebola: a Funder Makes the Case for Community-Driven Action

Author: | Date: January 2015

The answers are there. This is a critical lesson of the post-war experience in Sierra Leone—that communities already have within them the resources they need to heal from the wounds […]

What Should We Do About Everyday Violence? A Problem Looking for a Solution

Author: | Date: November 2014

(Photo Credit: Jacqueline Wilson, United States Institute of Peace) A review of The Locust Effect: Why the End of Poverty Requires the End of Violence (Gary A. Haugen & Victor Boutros, 2014) by Andrew […]

UPDATE: Building Peace Authors Share Struggles and Successes of Fighting Ebola in The Guardian

Author: | Date: October 2014

(Photo Credit: Purdue Peace Project) We are pleased to announce two Building Peace authors have been published in The Guardian’s Global Development Professionals Network on October 15, 2014. The article, titled “Ebola and […]

Fighting the Spread of Ebola in a Weak and Poor Governance Structure: A Liberian Peacebuilder’s Perspective

Author: | Date: September 2014

(Photo Credit: Morgana Wingard, USAID via Flickr) As the Ebola virus spreads throughout Liberia, the effects of bad governance, weak health infrastructure, mismanagement, and greed are manifest as death rates […]

Putting Local Peacebuilders First

Author: , | Date: September 2014

Think global, act local is a bumper sticker the peacebuilding field would do well to take to heart. By supporting locally-led approaches to peacebuilding in specific conflict situations and as […]